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Drug Court

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 7th, 2020

Drug Court is a four-phase intervention program for adults who have pled guilty to one or more non-violent drug offenses and who are having difficulty staying clean and sober.

It is a collaborative effort between in the Superior Court, District Attorney’s Office, defense attorneys, police agencies, probation and drug treatment programs. By working together, we seek to provide a variety of programs and consistent supervision geared toward supporting and helping you maintain a drug-free life. Drug Court involves frequent court appearances, random drug testing, as well as group and individual counseling. The Drug Court awards incentives for compliant behavior and imposes sanctions for undesirable behavior. Participants who do not comply with the rules may be: placed in short-term custody, moved back to the previous phase of drug court, and/or a variety of other sanctions. Participants may also be terminated from Drug Court.

The Drug Court Judge will make all decisions regarding to participation in the Drug Court Program with input from the Drug Court Team. In addition to the Judge, the Drug Court Team consists of the following members:

  • Defense Attorney
  • District Attorney
  • Drug Court Coordinator / Drug Court Case Manager
  • Treatment Provider (GRN)
  • Surveillance Officer
  • Probation Services

Prior to each Drug Court session, the Drug Court Team members familiarize themselves with every participant’s progress and set-backs so that they may discuss that progress during the Drug Court session.

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