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Alcohol Addiction

Best Alcohol Addiction Clinic Georgia

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Alcohol use disorder affects over 14 million adults in the United States.
On average, less than 8 percent will receive treatment each year.
Fast MD’s mission is simple: to make alcohol treatment easier and more accessible, so that more people get the help they need.
How do we do this?
We use telemedicine, medications for alcoholism, medical counseling, recommend support groups. It’s an all-of-the-above approach, and it’s customizable to each individual.
Best of all, everything is done from the comfort of home. No doctor’s office visits required.

Why do we do things this way?
Because with so many people struggling with alcohol abuse, and so few getting help, we know new solutions are needed. And because, though great strides have been made in alcohol addiction treatment, surprisingly few people know about them.
Our goal is to make this knowledge accessible and give people new ways to make use of it—without having to put their lives on hold.
In short, we are working to revolutionize treatment for alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder.
Please call or text at 470 424 8888 today to make a same-day appointment.
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