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Preventing Indoor Allergies

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 2nd, 2016

Preventing Indoor Allergies

They say, “Home is where the heart is”. However, if you’re allergic to your own house, this isn’t the case. A lot of people are diagnosed allergic to something in their own homes. There are certain allergens like moths, dirt, dust, and mosquitoes that can trigger allergic reactions in the house. People with asthma can also be allergic to cat and dog fur.

These allergens can cause several respiratory problems including coughing, sneezing and asthma, in addition to rashes and boils. Individuals have different types of allergic reactions to different allergens; therefore, it is important to know how one can prevent indoor allergies.

People who have pets at home are more likely to have allergies, as they are one of the major reasons of indoor allergies. Cats and dogs lose hair frequently and they trigger allergic reactions in many people. Indoor allergies caused by pets can be prevented if proper care is taken. Pets should be washed and cleaned regularly, and their hair should also be trimmed.

Cats tend to lose more hair if they eat salty or spicy food. You can also ask the vet for medicinal shampoos that prevent hair loss in animals.

War on Dust
When shopping for furniture and furnishings, look for wood, leather, plastic or metal instead of fabric. Furniture covered by cloth attracts dust and allergens. It is also more difficult to clean. If you already have upholstered chairs and couches, you can prevent dust from collecting on them with washable covers. Wash these covers at least once a month so all the dust mite allergens are removed regularly.

Pillows and mattresses should be covered in dust mite proof covers. It’s suggested to wash bed sheets and blankets every two weeks. Consider replacing any carpets that you have. If you must keep your carpets, be sure to vacuum them at least once a week. You can also shampoo carpet once every two months to rid it of any hair, fur and dust mites.

Mosquito and Moth Traps
Flies, moths and mosquitoes are another major cause of indoor allergies. A good way to prevent allergies from these insects is to use moth and mosquito traps at the windows and main doors of the house. You can also get electrical traps to keep these insects out of your house, and use insect sprays to kill any that may already be inside.

Avoid Strong Perfumes and Air Fresheners
People with asthma and other respiratory issues can be allergic to strong perfumes and air fresheners. Avoid using strong scents, incense sticks, bathroom or air fresheners if you or any of your household members are allergic.

Install Exhausts in the Kitchen
Reduce moisture and cooking fumes by installing an exhaust in the kitchen. Ideally, the exhaust should be directly above the stove. However, that is not required, it’s mostly important to have one present and in working order.

Furthermore, make sure you dispose of any left-over food items correctly. Cover your trash bin with a lid or else there could be a swarm of mosquitoes and flies hovering in no time.

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