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How Does MAT Help?

MAT is a form of treatment for people who are addicted to opiates like pain medication or heroin. MAT stabilizes withdrawal symptoms, blocks or reduces euphoria from opiates, provides gradual detoxification, provides professional one-on-one counseling sessions with a therapist, refers patients to other forms of care (medical, social services, legal, psychiatric, etc), reduces crime in the community, teaches anger management, encourages a daily routine, uses positive reinforcement and personal accountability, teaches help versus codependent enabling, encourages healthy relationships, teaches financial accountability, teaches impulse control, teaches healthy boundaries, teaches what to do if someone is experiencing an overdose, teaches what your rights are as a patient and citizen, exposes patients to differences in perspective and culture, provides routine medical screening, provides free HIV, TB, and Syphilis testing, teaches life skills, provides the patient with the freedom from the stress and consequences that come along with avoiding withdrawal, and helps the patient learn tools and life skills that set them up for success and stability. Contact us for more information today!
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Pain and Suboxone Clinic