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We offer a personal service.

Your well-being is the most important thing we concentrate on.

“My patient has severe pain, but there’s so much pressure to eliminate opiates, what can I do?”
“Aren’t there newer injection therapies? Like PRP, stem cells, for arthritis and pain? Do you see patients for this?”
“I’ve been to every specialist in the city, no one seems to understand why I have such bad neck pain”
“I’ve been taking painkillers for a work injury for years, and now my doctor says she can’t prescribe them anymore, what am I supposed to do?”
“Aren’t there any options out there without having to take medications that are addictive or make me feel lousy?”
“I’m always hearing about some new technology or a new invention that will help my anxiety, depression, and insomnia without drugs, do you see patients for that?”
“I’m told I need a nerve study or an EMG, do you do those? What will happen?”
“I have headaches that aren’t helped by the medications or physical therapy prescribed, do you accept patients like me?”
“I have arthritis in my knee and am told I need a knee replacement, are there any non-surgical options for me?”
“None of my doctors seem to understand the natural healing supplements I take, so can’t advise me, do you work with these?
“I had a stroke/brain injury / spinal cord injury and the medications for my spasms make me so sleepy, isn’t there something else we can do?”

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Your well-being is the most important thing we concentrate on.

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