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Are Trigger Point Injections Dangerous?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | March 31st, 2020

Are Trigger Point Injections Dangerous?

Treating chronic pain is something which pain management professionals engage in on a daily basis.  Their patients come to them with chronic pain complaints and it is then up to the doctor to prescribe the perfect treatment to help them achieve pain-free living.  One treatment method is trigger point injections.  Trigger point injections consist of injecting anesthesia and oftentimes steroids into trigger point areas of the body in order to provide pain relief.  The following will describe this treatment method in more depth and discuss whether this procedure is dangerous in nature or not.

Trigger Point Injections Relieve Pain

Trigger point injections can be given in various areas throughout the body such as one’s arms, legs, neck and lower back.  The injections go to the trigger points and make them inactive which in turn will relieve pain.  Many patients who obtain trigger point injections will feel relief from doing so.

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